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Avoid holiday financial stress

Monthly Newsletters

Gifts without the Guilt – Tips for Avoiding Financial Stress at the Holidays

Pop quiz: Can you name more than three gifts you got for the holidays last year? A sweater, an Apple watch, a popcorn tin … and, ummmm? Most of us would be hard-pressed to answer this question, even by late January.

What we remember, of course, are the moments with family and friends – the relationships that are renewed in the holiday time of slowing down. Material gifts are fine for the moment, but they are usually forgotten even before they have the chance to break and wear out. Read more

Monthly Newsletters

Wealth From Wisdom News: December 2018

A Nontraditional Approach. Kelly Effland Lives the Dream Close to Home.

It’s been a remarkable journey to get where I am today. Before I became a financial planner and joined Cornerstone Wealth Group, I was a nontraditional student. Read more

Charitable giving, tax deductions, financial advising

Monthly Newsletters

Pass the Turkey! – Financial Tips for the Season of Giving

As the year begins its close, traditions start to appear. From the silverware for feasts, to the tacky lawn decorations the kids love, to the choice of holiday movies, traditions remind us of who we are. There’s a story behind almost every detail, whether it’s grandma’s antique table runner or your secret family recipe for cranberry sauce, and everything is intentional, or at least seems that way. Read more

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Wealth From Wisdom News: November 2018

There and Back Again with Jess Holler.

I’ve been with Cornerstone Wealth Group for about a year and a half, but I’ve been in the financial industry for two decades. As you can imagine, the difference between working with insurance companies and Cornerstone is like night and day. Read more

National Financial Planning Month - Meeting with financial advisor

Monthly Newsletters

October Newsletter: 3 Tips for National Financial Planning Month

The leaves are changing, and we find ourselves changing as well. Depending on where you are in the country, you may be draining the pool or storing the patio furniture, or even harvesting the year’s crops. Whatever form it takes in your life, the cool weather causes us to slow down, take stock, and see where the summer left everything.

It’s no surprise then, that October is National Financial Planning month. This can be a great time for a meeting with your financial planner, especially if you only meet a few times a year. Let’s look at a few financial fitness items to discuss with your financial planner and to keep in mind as the leaves fall outside. Read more

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Wealth From Wisdom News: October 2018

A Transformative Experience: Reina Sandler Goes Corporate to Cornerstone

I spent most of my career at a corporate office with 36,000 other people. I was working in insurance in what you might call the quintessential corporate job. Then, in 2017, I joined Cornerstone Wealth and gained an entirely new perspective. Read more

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September Monthly Newsletter: All Your Pencils Sharpened – A Financial Fine-Tuning for Autumn

We all remember it. You have your pencils all sharpened, your new outfit on, and a fresh new school year ahead of you. Long after our academic days are over, we can’t help feeling that autumn is the time – after the exuberance of summer – to re-check and re-tighten everything to prepare for the colder seasons ahead. Read more

College students financial advising

Monthly Newsletters

August Monthly Newsletter: 4 Financial Lessons Your New College Student Needs to Hear from You (and 2 Important Items for Parents)

As summer comes to a close, many parents and teenagers are packing up the station wagon (or hybrid crossover) for a trip that, for at least one passenger, is one way. You’re ready for this. You’ve done the shopping trips, you’ve packed the boxes, you’ve even shed a few tears. Now it’s time to send your child(ren) off to college. Read more

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Wealth From Wisdom News: September 2018

Building Partnerships: Amy Constable on Learning and Growing

At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, a lot of the work we do is with our partners. It takes a lot of coordination between ourselves and our partners to ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to serving clients. Read more

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Wealth From Wisdom News: August 2018

It’s All About First Impressions Catching Up With ERICA SHAW

Chances are, if you’ve visited our office, we’ve met! I’m often one of the first faces you see when you come into Cornerstone, whether you’re a newer client or you’ve been with us for a while. Read more