Wealth Management

More than 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay titled “The Way to Wealth.” This collection of adages and advice is based on his philosophy of combining a disciplined work ethic with consistent investment strategies. At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, as we guide CEOs and entrepreneurs toward financial freedom, we find that Franklin’s ideas are just as relevant today as when he first wrote them.

In tribute to Benjamin Franklin, the Cornerstone Wealth Management team designed our wealth management process to be disciplined and powerful, yet simple to understand. This strategy is designed to help business owners and CEOs find clarity and confidence in their wealth management plans.

We understand that entrepreneurs are busy and often face information overload, so we’ve created a framework of planning that helps CEOs and business owners to make educated and well-informed decisions, without getting lost in unnecessary details. Throughout our process, our clients gain a complete view of their wealth and understand each of the integrated components including:

  • Understanding what true wealth means to them
  • Defining their unique purpose
  • Clarifying their financial goals
  • Prioritizing what is most important to them
  • Planning to leave a lasting legacy

During the process, we work with important members of their financial planning team including CPAs, Insurance Professionals, and Estate Planning Attorneys to analyze each client’s individual financial situation.

The result is a simple yet powerful roadmap to guide our clients towards financial freedom. Our comprehensive wealth plans are created to weather not only the spring and summer but also the fall and winter of economic climates. By simplifying a complex process, we help empower business owners to make proactive progress towards true wealth. To make an appointment to discuss how our wealth management process may be able to help you, contact our office.