SBA Financing Education

The entrepreneurs and business owners we work with typically have most of their wealth concentrated in their businesses. This presents undesirable risk to their wealth plan and their ability to pursue financial freedom. One often overlooked solution for withdrawing assets from a business is funding an ownership transfer with SBA Financing.

Get Your Business Valuation Now

At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, our team who has SBA financing knowledge works closely with business owners to clarify common misconceptions regarding SBA loans, review the SBA loan process, and help facilitate a transaction that maximizes the value our clients receive. Our team is familiar with the process, advantages, and current market conditions.

SBA financed transactions have unique benefits including:

  • Can be used to transfer a business to a family member
  • Available for first-time business buyers
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Often used to pay multiples of 4 to 6 or greater
  • Flexible deal structures

Transactions facilitated by SBA loans can offer various advantages, but also present common mistakes to avoid. By working with an experienced team, CEOs and business owners can increase the value they receive for their business, decrease the time it takes to secure a loan, and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Business owners seeking to transfer their business to family members, business partners, key employees, or shareholders should understand the advantages, risks and costs associated with SBA Financing strategies prior to making any financial decision. To learn more, please contact a member of our team.