Business Liquidity

Is your business your largest asset? At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, we find that many business owners have a majority of their wealth invested in their business. Often, the CEOs and entrepreneurs we work with have achieved financial certainty, by earning enough to meet their needs or even financial independence. But most are unable to achieve true financial freedom without taking assets out of their businesses.

By transferring wealth away from their firms, our clients are able to take some chips off the table, diversify their family’s portfolio, and find the time to pursue what is most important to them. An E-Recap transaction may allow business owners to withdraw significant resources without crippling their business or giving up management control. The process includes a third party investor providing cash to help facilitate an ownership restructuring. There are costs and risks associated with the transaction, which should be considered along with the benefits to the firm and its owners. As professionals in the E-Recap process, we partner with industry leaders to help our clients prepare their businesses for their eventual exit and enjoy more of their wealth today.