High Net Worth Insurance and Risk Management

Have you identified the most serious threats to your wealth? Do you know which risks you’ve protected against and which remain? Many CEOs and business owners focus on accumulating assets but do not address liabilities that could lead to tremendous losses. By proactively planning for the unexpected, entrepreneurs can protect their wealth and capture potential tax advantages.

At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, we work closely with entrepreneurs to uncover risks that could disrupt their path towards financial freedom. By cost-effectively transferring risk to an insurance company, we minimize the financial damage of catastrophic or unanticipated events.

Our team works together with specialists in high-net-worth insurance and risk management to protect against loss of life for business owners or their partners, loss of income, and other risks to wealth. We are experienced in addressing the specific needs of high earners and those who have been denied coverage due to lifestyle or health factors. Our risk management process includes:

  • High-Net-Worth Life Insurance to provide for income replacement as well as business succession funding and estate planning through a vehicle which may be income tax and estate tax-free, if structured properly.
  • Disability Insurance to protects income in the event of inability to work prior to pursuing financial freedom.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance for business owners or their spouse to provide financial support for Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) in respite care, adult day care, in-home care, assisted living as well as nursing home care.

In working with top CEOs and entrepreneurs, we find that appropriate risk management can help clients and their families find the confidence they need to focus on what matters most to them. To learn more about our risk management process, click here.