John Saunders II

Wealth Advisor

(301) 739-8505

John Saunders IIJohn’s role as a Wealth Manager is to help clients achieve True Wealth through understanding their personal goals and financial aspirations. He accomplishes this by first evaluating the client’s current financial situation. Then he utilizes his comprehensive knowledge of tax law, coupled with financial and investment strategies, to develop a plan. The plan provides solutions that direct the clients toward the financial freedom they desire.

John’s strength is in his comprehensive knowledge of the tax ramifications, both short and long-term, which may dictate investment options. His understanding of when and how to shelter monies to keep more in the client’s pocket is his forte. Because of his extensive tax background, he has a thorough understanding of estates and trusts, not only how to open them, but to fund them and to eventually close them. This is especially beneficially if clients seek to provide a financial legacy to their loved ones.

Additionally, what is unique about John is the rapport that he establishes with the clients. It is significantly more than a client-advisor business relationship. He becomes personally connected to the clients, their families and their lives. For many of his clients, the relationship has developed into a trusted friend and confidante. From leaning on John for decisions regarding asset acquisitions and liquidations to advice on financial support of non-family members, clients appreciate John as trusted, yet an objective financial sounding board. John’s primary concern is to map out a plan that puts clients on the road to the financial lifestyle that they deserve and to help them stay true to their plan.

John began his career track in 1990 as a partner with Saunders Tax & Accounting, Inc. Recognizing client needs for tax sheltered financial advice, he segued into the financial arena becoming a licensed Financial Advisor in 1995. Through the years, he has been a firm partner, as well as owner of his financial practice prior to joining Cornerstone Wealth Management Group in 2003. Since 2001, John has been an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS after passing a difficult multi-day examination demonstrating technical competence in the area of taxation which allows him to testify before the IRS.

John was a Staff Instructor at Hagerstown Community College for finance-related courses. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

John has been married to Stephanne since 1995 and has two sons, Nathan and Logan, all of whom attend Valley Grace Brethren Church. When John is not enjoying his sons’ high school soccer, basketball or baseball games, he is working out, hunting and spending time with his wife.

Getting to Know John

Person John would most like to meet: Jesus Christ

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Few Good Men

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Biggest Accomplishment: Completing “The Tough Mudder” and hunting in Alaska for grizzly bear

Something on the bucket list: Skydiving