Posted on July 21, 2018

If I Could Only Teach One Financial Lesson


By Scott Ford, CEO, Founder & Wealth Advisor of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group

After several decades spent working in the financial services industry, I’ve seen a lot of investment fads come and go. The media gets excited about new ideas and strategies that never seem to stand the test of time.

During my career, I’ve sometimes been asked what the secret to financial success is. The truth is that there are a lot of secrets, because investing and financial planning is complex. But when all’s said and done, if I could give just one piece of financial advice it would be to invest in yourself.

What It Means To Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself means allowing yourself the time to build on your knowledge. My best investments have always been in myself, whether it’s reading books, attending conferences, taking a class, or listening to podcasts.

Whether you choose to take a basic finance class or ask your advisor more questions, the more you understand about finance and investments, the more confident you can feel in your financial strategies and investment portfolio.

I’m not the only one who is a strong proponent of investing in yourself. Warren Buffett is said to read 500 pages per day and Mark Cuban reads three hours per day. As Buffett once said in a Forbes interview, “Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: invest in yourself. Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”1 Investing in yourself is the only investment that will never fail and can’t be taxed. It’s a sure win situation, which is rare in life.

The Benefits Of Investing In Yourself

One of the best things about investing in yourself is that there are both short and long-term benefits. In the short-term, you can enjoy reading, taking a class, or listening to a podcast. I find podcasts are a great way to pass the time during a commute to work.

In the long-term, you’re gaining knowledge that can help you in several areas of life, including making decisions about your finances and future. The easier it is to make informed decisions, the more confident you can feel about life and your finances. I’ve found my clients feel so much more in control of their lives when they understand the reasoning behind our decision making and how each decision plays into their overall financial strategy.

Our Passion For Education

Education is the key to transparency and we want to help you understand our investment process and strategies because these important financial decisions directly impact your life. We integrate education as much as possible in our planning process with clients so they understand the reasoning behind our decisions and can feel comfortable making decisions themselves.

It’s not uncommon to feel burdened by the decisions required to manage money properly. My desire is to alleviate this burden and allow you to focus on the areas of your life that are really important to you and that bring you great joy. Even if you rely on us to manage your financial strategies and portfolio, I recommend investing in yourself as much as possible. To learn more about how I invest in myself or how you can do the same for yourself, I invite you to send me an email or call my office for a brief chat. You can reach me by phone at (301) 739-8505 or by email at, or book an appointment online today.

About Scott

Scott Ford is CEO, Founder and Wealth Advisor of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, serving entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and their families. The firm specializes in business liquidity strategies and SBA financing strategies. It is Scott’s mission to help his clients pursue financial freedom and live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Scott is a Wealth Advisor and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). He was recognized as one of the 20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management by Private Asset Management Magazine in 2008 based upon assets managed of $1 million or more per client. Since 2005, Scott has been an active financial technical analyst.

Clients often choose to work with Scott because of his experience with the challenges business owners and executives face as well as his firm’s disciplined process. His personal and proactive approach is designed to bring clarity and simplicity to the complex issues of financial management. For over 20 years, he has been helping his clients define and pursue their own unique version of “True Wealth.”

Scott is the author of three books: Financial Jiu-Jitsu: A Fighter’s Guide to Conquering Your Finances, The Widow’s Wealth Map: Six Steps to Beginning Again, and the New York Times Bestseller, The Sustainable Edge: Fifteen Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life.

He and his wife, Angie, reside in Hedgesville, WV and have two wonderful children as well as a dog and a cat. In addition to spending time with his family, Scott is a voracious reader and enjoys woodworking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, golf, hunting, permaculture and beekeeping; basically anything outdoors.