Posted on November 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Financial Planning Process


By Scott Ford, CEO, Founder & Wealth Advisor of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group

As a financial planner, I get a lot of questions about my job. Most people only have a vague idea about what it is I actually do. In fact, it seems that there is an aura of mystery surrounding anything to do with finance in general. Today, I want to clear things up for you and answer some of the questions that I hear the most.

What Are You Going To Do With My Money?

Money is both very personal and very important in our modern society. You wouldn’t entrust your body to just anyone claiming to be a doctor, and neither should you entrust your money to just anyone peddling financial advice. Before a doctor makes a diagnosis or writes a prescription, he takes the time to get to know you, your body, your medical history, and your goals. We work in much the same way.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to finances. Before we can know what to do with your money, we need to know you. We will spend some time getting to know not just your financial situation, but also your family situation, goals, and priorities. What we do with your money will depend a lot on what you want your money to do for you.

Once we have clarified your goals and the required finances to achieve those goals, we will assign you a Family Index Number, which is simply the rate of return you will need from your investments in order to accomplish your goals. We have crafted various high-quality investment strategies, and your Family Index Number will dictate which is the best fit for you in your current situation, and will help determine what it is that we do with your money.

Can You Handle The Complexity Of My Situation?

Speaking of situations, we have seen them all. After doing this for over 20 years, we have probably encountered a situation similar to yours before. If not, that’s okay. We have designed our business model with the ability to adapt to each client’s unique circumstances, no matter how complex.

We work with a wide variety of clients. There is a service model and solution for everyone from high net-worth investors to those just starting out, and we aim to provide the best one for you. Every family receives a personalized financial strategy based on their own unique situation. We have helped thousands of families navigate complex financial needs, guiding them through many of life’s major decisions, and we can do the same for you in your position.

How Can You Make My Life Easier?

With so much complexity in life, don’t you want to find a way to just make things easier? Well, there is a way. Just add a financial advisor to your team. At Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, we focus on adding convenience and simplicity to your life.

You can choose to hand over the reins to us completely or stay involved in every step of the decision-making process. Either way, we will make sure you have a complete understanding of what is going on. We are here to provide you with all of the information and education you need to have confidence in your financial decisions.

More Questions?

Investments don’t have to be mysterious and intimidating. Whether you want to understand how everything works or just want someone to do all the work for you, we are here for you. You can give us a call at (301) 739-8505 or email to learn more about how our financial planning process can help you.

About Scott

Scott Ford is CEO, Founder, and Wealth Advisor of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group, serving entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and their families. The firm specializes in business liquidity strategies and SBA financing strategies. It is Scott’s mission to help his clients pursue financial freedom and live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Scott is a Wealth Advisor and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). He was recognized as one of the 20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management by Private Asset Management magazine* in 2008 based upon assets managed of $1 million or more per client. Since 2005, Scott has been an active financial technical analyst.

Clients often choose to work with Scott because of his experience with the challenges business owners and executives face, as well as his firm’s disciplined process. His personal and proactive approach is designed to bring clarity and simplicity to the complex issues of financial management. For over 20 years, he has been helping his clients define and pursue their own unique version of “True Wealth.”

Scott is the author of three books: Financial Jiu-Jitsu: A Fighter’s Guide to Conquering Your Finances, The Widow’s Wealth Map: Six Steps to Beginning Again, and New York Times Best Seller The Sustainable Edge: Fifteen Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life.

He and his wife, Angie, reside in Hedgesville, WV, and have two wonderful children as well as a dog and a cat. In addition to spending time with his family, Scott is a voracious reader and enjoys woodworking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, golf, hunting, permaculture, and beekeeping-basically anything outdoors.